The USS Hornet Museum in Alameda is closed until further notice in support of safety and health directives relative to COVID-19.  Consequently, the Nisei Veterans’ Exhibit aboard the Hornet is also closed.  Questions?  Please contact Brian Shiroyama at or 408-896-1021.


安卓微皮恩免费It is hard to believe that I have been Lawson’s friend for only 20 years. I feel as if I had known him for many decades.

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By the time I met him, he had already established and led Northern California Chapter of his Company (Company E) of the 442nd RCT and organized reunions.  In 1992, he spearheaded a project to honor the 442nd RCT by working with the East Bay Regional Park Commission, Oakland, CA, to plant a redwood tree in Oakland Hills in memory of fellow soldiers who did not return home. In addition, he erected a permanent monument adjacent to the redwood tree that explained the legendary exploits of the 442nd RCT.  His name is not on the monument.  But we all know that Lawson was there and will continue to be there. This is now the site of the annual memorial service for veterans of all wars on Armed Forces Day.  Lawson’s uplifting speech at each memorial always captivated the appreciative audience.

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Appropriately, Lawson’s accomplishments have resulted in many recognition and awards which are too many to mention here.  Particularly noteworthy, however, was that his reputation led to two prestigious awards bestowed by the Government of Japan – from the Emperor and from the Foreign Minister for his role in promoting the welfare and reputation of Japanese-Americans in the United States.  As a humble chauffer for Lawson, I felt deep satisfaction in seeing that my “ghost writing” for Japan’s Consulate General’s office, without Lawson’s knowledge, helped with these recognitions.  Lawson laughed when I commented that since his ancestors came from the Prefecture of Kumamoto in Japan from which many notable samurai warriors came, he was clearly destined to be recognized with such prestigious awards.

Lawson’s life was a magnificent story of a “kid” from a small town scoring big in America.  Montebello was so proud to have recognized Lawson as one of its outstanding alumni.  His “enemy alien” draft status kept him from serving this country immediately after Pearl Harbor.  When Lawson tried to join the Navy with his friends, he was rejected. But he did not hesitated to volunteer when the 442nd RCT was formed.  He fought in all major campaigns.  He was wounded four times.  He emerged as a genuine American hero from World War II and dedicated the remainder of his life to tell the stories of his fellow veterans and to preserve their proud legacy. 

We will dearly miss him. 

Brian Shiroyama

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